To be successful in real estate investments you must have a strategic and well-thought out plan. At OnCE Real Property Group every project involves 6 phases: Analysis, Negotiation, Acquisition, Value-Add Renovations, Property Management, and Disposition


During the analysis phase we identify properties based on certain criteria to determine the potential for profit. We asses through careful market research the potential for renters or buyers to desire residency in the home. Once the criteria are met we visit the property to asses the condition and confirm the potential of the property. We then determine the best use and highest yield for the property (i.e. renovate and sell vs. renovate and rent). All of this helps us to identify the value-add potential in the property. 


After a thorough analysis of the property we conduct a physical inspection to uncover any risks that may have not been observed previously. Based on the inspection we determine if the acquisition and value-add will still yield a favorable ROI (Return on Investment). Based on this determination we draft a proposal to our investors for review prior to presenting the home owner an offer. If a “go”

decision is reached and the terms are agreed upon we present the home owner with a competitive offer.


Once we reach an agreement we meet with our contractors and vendors to discuss the project plan and solidify a target completion date. Once complete we meet with our investors to review the project plan in detail and establish a timeline

from acquisition to disposition of the property.

Value-Add Renovation

The work agreed to during the acquisition phase begins. Throughout this phase we monitor dollar spend and ensure the project stays within budget and on time. In parallel we constantly monitor market trends so that we stay aligned.


Property Management

As investors and partners at OnCE Real Property we understand that TIMING is everything! If market conditions are such that a sell is not feasible we are fully equipped to manage the property long-term or until market conditions permit. As a property manager we constantly identify and seek opportunities to minimize liabilities by remaining

informed and current on landlord-tenant laws. We also strive to minimize expenses by leasing to qualified tenants, implementing quarterly property inspections, and providing maintenance services to our properties in a timely manner with our partners. We are experienced in building positive, working relationships between our tenants and landlords/owners. We also have the technology in place to accept rental payments online, place maintenance requests online, and view/track income and expenses for each property 24 hours a day.


Our strategy is simply when market conditions permit and the ROI (Return on Investment) warrant a sell of the property we sell!