You might not believe that a mere 20 years ago, Frisco was farmland. Now, it's a bustling microcosm of its own and exploding with growth. Even the Dallas Cowboys have moved their training facilities to Frisco, joining a host of sports activity already in play. The Dr Pepper Ballpark featuring the Frisco Rough Riders baseball team and Toyota Stadium with soccer stars FC Dallas are just two of many examples. And shopping? It is plentiful, including Stonebriar Centre Mall and Ikea. The area thrives with activities for families, such as the Frisco Athletic Center with its new indoor water park, Frisco Commons with the town’s largest playground system, and Frisco Discovery Center for science. Something new and exciting opens almost daily, which means we’re just seeing the beginning of all Frisco is to become.

The workforce in Frisco consists of white-collar and blue-collar jobs, the top 5 consisting of Professional, Scientific, and technical services (14%), Retail (11.3%), Finance (11.2%), Healthcare (10.9%) , and Education (9.1%). The average commute time to work is 15-30 minutes and the majority of people drive alone or carpool.

Frisco is a very diverse city within the Southern Region of the United States. The most prevalent ethnic group is Caucasian (62.6%) followed by Asian (15.1%) and Hispanic or Latino (of any race) (11.9%). Almost 18.1% of Frisco's residents are from other cities, states, and countries.

The per capita income of Frisco is $46,969 which is significantly higher than the national per capita income of $29,829. Additionally, the Median Household Income is $117,642 which is about 47% higher than the national Median Household Income of $55,322.

The housing market in Frisco continues to rank among the highest in Texas as well as outpace numerous cities throughout the nation. As of May 2019, the median price was $420,000. The DOM (Days on Market) was 28, the months of housing supply was 4.5, the total number of active listings was 1,198 and total number of sales was 366.

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(Data Source: Neighborhood Scout, Real Estate Center at Texas A&M and NTREIS)


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