FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

At no cost to you, we will provide you with a free, very powerful “For Sale By Owner” 24-hour recorded phone line that will allow for you (the home owner) to leave pre-recorded information (i.e. features, amenities, square footage, etc.) about your home to potential home buyers. The moment a potential buyer calls the 24-hour recorded phone line, whether you’re available or not, the caller will hear the pre-recorded information about your home. After listening, the potential buyer can press a button and directly connect to you to set up a tour of your home. If they can’t reach you, they can leave a voice mail, or select to receive automatic information about your home by email or text when you make updates or changes to your listing. When the buyer hangs up from your system, you will receive an email and a text message with the buyers information. Our technology captures the call within 1/4 of a second and sends the lead directly to you faster than you can turn on a light switch. Too good to be true? Absolutely Not! We are offering this free service in exchange for your help with putting potential buyers in contact with us should they not be interested in purchasing your home. That is the only condition. We are ultimately helpers one to another!