Purchasing a home is often the largest financial decisions a person would ever make. When considering your options, new homes simply make sense because its true, they just don't build homes like they used to, they build them better. Buying New is the BEST choice. Below are a few examples of why buying a new home is better than buying a used home. Also, there are Down Payment Assistance programs available, Closing Cost Assistance, and the commission as well as other expenses. Call us today - 214-972-0900.

New Homes vs Used Homes


  • New homes are built with the latest building codes and safety regulations

  • New homes are often built with the latest technologies in home automation as well as energy efficient standards. This can significantly lower your utility expense.

  • New homes afford you an opportunity to customize cabinets, flooring, paint color, etc. without incurring additional costs. Builders oftentimes offer upgrade incentives to cover the costs as well.

  • New homes come with 1,2,10 Warranty - 1st year everything covered from front door to back door, 2nd year mechanical, plumbing, electrical and more; and up to 10th year structural

  • There is minimal competition with buying a new home and all realtor costs are included in the sale price.


  • Home inspections could surface issues such as plumbing, electrical, and structural damages. Homes inspections could also surface housing code violations.

  • Used homes are typically not as energy efficient and home automation can be installed with aftermarket products that are oftentimes costly.

  • Any upgrades are generally after closing and are costly.

  • No warranties come with the home unless it’s included in the sales contract, purchased aftermarket which requires a deductible upon servicing, or it was built 10 years from the date of purchase the warranty comes with the house. As a result, all repairs incurred after buying are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

  • In the current market, home prices are somewhat inflated and the lack of inventory is causing bidding wars for some properties.